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Advanced Decision Support

PlanSource’s benefits administration platform has always offered integrated decision support, designed to help employees make informed decisions when selecting their benefits. Our bundled decision support offering has always had a great collection of tools such as:

  1. Comprehensive plan information
  1. Cost calculators
  1. Plan comparison tool
  1. Financial planning tools
  1. Help videos
  1. Wellness resources
  1. Provider lookup capability
  1. Healthcare updates and other useful information
  1. Life event planning tools

A new (and better) approach for Plan Recommendations

With our advanced plan recommendation engine optional upgrade, we help users navigate the ever-expanding plan choices being presented with a chance to get a personalized recommendation that best fits their needs. Using smarter surveys that are shorter, more targeted and more relevant and offering plan recommendations based on predictive data modeling, we put the user in control with just the right amount of help they need to make the best decision.

Our integrated decision support and plan recommendation engine upgrade are specifically designed to benefit all of the stakeholders in insurance benefits: Carriers who want to increase participation by offering more robust and complete offerings in a way that’s easy to understand, Brokers who want to provide more value to their customers in self-service environments, Employer Groups who want to pursue the marketplace/shopping model and differentiate themselves in their benefit offerings, and Employees who want to be further empowered to make better decisions when choosing their benefits.

Download our Decision Support brochure.

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